Troy Sandow has honed his skills by listening and learning first hand from the masters. 

As a Bass player he has backed some of the best blues musicians and singers in the world. 

As a Harmonica player and Singer he is a student of Tone, Timing, Phrasing, and Feel. He plays with passion and always puts in what the song needs.

His vocals are sincere and honest with laid back phrasing and an earnest approach. He is committed to his craft and honoring the greats, while still having his own sound, voice, and artistic vision.


"Troy's interpretation of the idiom has plenty of soul and sincerity in his vocal delivery and harp blowing. No fluff here!"

- Rusty Zinn

"Troy is my favorite harp player and I always sit and listen to him when he does his spot on our shows."

- James Harman